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The World Language Department strives to expand the minds and wordview of its students. By exploring the language and culture of the French and Spanish speaking worlds, students gain a better understanding of their own language and culture. They also acquire a greater perspective of the relationship to others in the world. Students will start by learning basic phrases and vocabulary, which will form the foundation of future study. They will then build upon these structures in order to communicate their own thoughts more freely. This will entail a good amount of reading and especially speaking. As they advance they will discover both the diversity and richness of French or Spanish and the francophone and hispanophone worlds.
Our Faculty
Ronald Carlson
Jacqueline Delatour
Ana Rincon-Lorenzo
Helpful links for students and parents to better handle assignments:
Holt McDougal Textbook - Please see teacher for login credentials
Reverso Translation - Online translation, dictionary and conjugation tool.