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Instrumental Music

Students are being asked to bring their own instruments, sticks, reeds and sheet music, if they have them.
Students must 1) perform an etude or prepared selection of their choice that best reflects their musical ability; 2) demonstrate the ability to verbally discuss and perform on their instruments; and 3) illustrate their knowledge of musical symbols (staves, clefs, bars, measures, repeats, endings, double bar, accidentals i.e. sharps, flats, natural signs), primary note values and rests (whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth with corresponding rests), basic time and key signatures, and dynamic markings ( p, mf, f). Sight reading and an interview will be part of the audition.
Additional criteria by instrument:
Treble clef -- Perform ledger line C to top space G and C,F,G Key Signatures.
Bass clef -- Perform 2nd line Bb to ledger line D and Bb, Eb F Key Signatures.
Understanding of 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4, 6/8 time.
Ties and slurs, tempo markings (andante, allegro, maestoso)
Accidentals, and terminology ( fine, fine). Dotted quarter and eighth notes.
* Slots available for Brass: 5 Middle School Students and
5 High School Students
Harp: Aspiring students who have no experience on harp will be evaluated on tonal memory (through singing), rhythmic memory, and the interview process.
Piano: Play two major scales with proper fingering.
Short written test and an ear training assessment will be part of the audition
Strings: For Middle School, one octave scale (G & D) major scale, two octave scales
For High School (G, D & C) major scale, two note slurs, slurs with three notes per bow, slurs with 4 notes per bow, tied notes and sight reading.
Aspiring students should be able to maintain a steady beat and be prepare to play a call and response.
*Slots available for Percussion: 5 Middle School Students
5 High School Students
Flute Perform a range of D below the staff to ledgerline A3. All dotted half, eighth, and sixteenth notes. ľ and 6/8 time signatures
Clarinet: Perform a range low G to ledger line C. 4/4, ľ, 2/4, 6/8 time signatures. Ties and slurs, tempo markings (andante, allegro, maestoso) dotted half and eighth notes.
Same as clarinet except
Performance range-Low E to high C. character) and one piece done in one and two point perspective. Candidates can bring any drawings that they have done in the past.
A personal interview and short drawing test will be given.
*Slots available for Woodwinds: 5 Middle School Students
6 High School Students