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The Special Education department is a team of dedicated staff, including the child study team, special education teachers and teacher assistants, who are dedicated to the growth and well being of each child, from entrance into our program to transition out of school and into an adult environment. We have provided some links that may be helpful to both parents and students.
Our Faculty
Byron Carter
Di'nedra Clark-Brown
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Dr. Mary Drake-Young
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Jennifer Orellana-Giron
Paulette Thompson
Helpful links for parents, students and staff to better understand our students who are differently abled.
Autism Speaks - Understanding the austism spectrum, what signs to look for and how to you can help your child.
PRISE book online - While this does not replace the book we give our parents, in case you misplaced your copy and cannot get your hands on another copy, use this link.  Gives information regarding the rights of parents of special education students.
Class Dojo - To help monitor student behavior while in school.
Nassan's Place - Local services for families affected by autism.
Special Education Law - Discussion blog regarding special education laws and how to better protect our most citizens.
Project IDEAL - Discussions and article regarding non-autistic/MCI/health related learning disabilities.
NJCAN - Assists students with career choices and training.  See guidance or the child study team regarding log in credentials.
DVRS - Training for our students who are making the transition from school to work.
Work Readiness Program - A state program that assists students in transition who are seeking employment opportunities.