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The Science department engages students to focus their attention, stimulate their thinking and access knowledge. We encourage students to explore by participating in problem solving activities using information gathered through their investigations. Students explain their explorations through analysis and modifications to clarify and reflect. As students elaborate on their learning, they are afforded the opportunity to expand and solidify their thinking and own their educational experience by applying it to real-world situations. As students evaluate their work, teachers assess their performance and/or understanding of concepts, skills, processes and application of what they have learned. Science provides a way for our students to not only observe the natural world and the various phenomena it offers, but to also understand the world as designed by nature, how it works and how to apply that knowledge.
Our Faculty
William Brown
Emanuel Cordero
Chidi Iromuanya
Adrian Leon
Nabila Mack
Ursula Strojan
Ms. Williams Wong
Michelle Williams-Wong
We have included some links to help your child should your child require some assistance or just want to explore the world of science.
Chemistry Resources
For Periodic Tables and Chemistry Formulas:
ChemiCool:  A searchable periodic table of the elements. Choose an element to learn more, such as name, symbol, atomic weight, melting point, specific heat, appearance and more.
Periodic Videos:  From The University of Nottingham offers the periodic table with short videos explaining each chemical element. Also look for The Molecular Videos, a series of videos on molecules and compounds.
ChemicalElements:  Has information on all of the elements in the periodic table, from Helium to Ununbium with the basics (boiling point, atomic number, density) and a drawing of the atomic structure of each.
National Institutes of Science and Technology:  Chemistry WebBook has data on more than 7,000 organic and inorganic compounds. Type in a chemical formula or chemical name and you’ll get the molecular weight, chemical structure and more.
For Help With Chemistry Homework:
Chemistry Virtual Textbook:  An online general chemistry class produced by Stephen Lower, a former chemistry professor. Browse the chapters to review and get thorough explanations of the material that’s covered in class.
ThinkQuest Library:  Hosts Chemistry Tutor, a site created by high school chemistry students that offers an introduction to general chemistry, and chemical reactions and equations.
For Chemistry Test Prep:
Funbrain:  Proton Don game tests your knowledge of the periodic table elements and their symbols. Use the game to improve your skills and prepare for tests.
Widener University Department of Chemistry:  Web site has online quizzes that test your ability to calculate significant figures, do conversions, balance equations, evaluate mass and moles, and more.
General Chemistry Online:  A site from Frostburg State University, helps you learn chemistry and tests your knowledge with exam guides and practice tests. Search the Common Compound Library for 3-D images of molecules and compounds, or see if your question is part of the site’s FAQ section.
Physics Resources
We are using on a daily basis:
We are using on a weekly basis: