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A major goal of the History Department at Cicely L Tyson Middle/High School is to help students become effective citizens in a global society through exposure to various courses in American and World History, and studies in ethnic studies, civics, and sociology. Students practice skills to enable them to problem solve and become effective communicators and citizens. Students learn to think like historians by analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information. These skills will prepare them to participate in their government and to make informed decisions about the world around them through developing a global awareness. The History Department is dedicated to taking a student-centered approach to teaching by creating problem based and project based learning activities.
Our Faculty
Literacy Coach: Fay Carr
Rodeline Daux
Olivia Johnstone (pictured above)
Kevin Jones
Diane Powell
Tiffany Wiley-Grant
Below are some of the websites used by the Social Studies Department. Students may access these sites from home or school for additional assistance or practice. .
Achieve3000 - for articles and current events at the student's reading level
CNN 10 - an on-demand digital news show ideal for explanation seekers on the go or in the classroom.
US History - PBS Learning Media's online crash course on United States history.
World History (part 1) - PBS Learning Media's online crash course on World history part 1.
World History (part 2) -  PBS Learning Media's online crash course on World history part 2.
Government and Politics - PBS.org's online crash course on Government and Politics
AP Courses - the College Board AP course home page.