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Technology is where nature’s design can be taken and repurposed using man’s design to suit our wants and needs. Students have the opportunity to learn about productivity software and Internet communications tools and how they can help them to better organize, share and track their work. In middle school, time permitting; students are introduced to other topics in technology such as 3D printing, robotics, programming, video game design and alternative energies. In high school, students have a more in depth experience with year long courses in web design, programming, robotics, video game design, digital media design and productivity or desktop publishing.
Our Faculty
Ricardo Romero
Ricardo Romero
Please see links below for our online resources. - a broad resource for various computer languages. - a great resource for all different types of coding languages.
Khan Academy- partnering with Pixar, provides resources for digital media design and production.
Scratch - Free, easy to learn online block programming environment.
MIT App Inventor - Free online block programming environment for mobile applications.
Greenfoot - Free, downloadable programming environment for Java.  Click here for the tutorials.
Should your have an interest, additional links have been provided to explore technology (or anything else) even further.
EDX - Most courses are free, others offer a certificate for a fee.  Phone app available.
Coursera - Some courses are free, others offer a certificate for a fee.  Phone app available.
Solo Learn - Learn basic coding in various languages, on the go.  Phone app available.
Academic Earth - Scroll down to find a course that fits your interest.  
MIT Open Coursware - free courses available from MIT.
Stanford University - free course available from Stanford University.